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In the vibrant energy of Patiala, where life's pace can be exhilarating, let us be your unwavering companions in tending to your cherished ones.

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Loving Care That You Need

Curodoc delivers an attendant experience often exceeding customer expectations when it comes to healthcare at home.

Nutrition & Diet Care

Nutrition & Diet Care

Assuring healthy and proper meals at regular intervals under the guidance of a nutritionist or doctor.

Looks Matter

Looks Matter

Assisting the patient with bathing and making sure the patient and surroundings are clean, hygienic, and neat.



Making them comfortable while they are sitting or sleeping, regular position turning, helping them walk and do activities of daily living.

Washroom Needs

Washroom Needs

Assisting with toileting needs, changing diapers, cleaning after them, and even taking them to the toilet.

Physiotherapy at Home by Curodoc

Explore Compassionate Care in Patiala

We Embrace introduces home-based Patient Care services in Patiala, a considerate choice for tending to your loved ones. Our professionally trained attendants serve not just as companions and support but also as vigilant guardians, equipped to handle any medical situation and contribute to your loved one's recovery within the comforting confines of their Patiala residence. Patiala Embrace specializes in caregivers for the elderly, post-operative care, dementia care, and various other conditions requiring caregiver support. Our caregivers undergo thorough training and boast extensive experience, with meticulous background checks ensuring your security. We thoughtfully match a caregiver based on the patient condition and requirements, guaranteeing your peace of mind and well-being in Patiala.

Exceeding expectations

Reviewed for excellence and our commitment towards well-being of patients, our clients love us as much as we love them.

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